February 12: sad, pig prices continue to fall, but the northeast rebound against the trend, is going up?

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Prices in recent days market more environmental protection, “green”, but this state of affairs that farmers have a little sad, prices continue to plummet, that is reflected in the decline in the digital, pain in farmers heart, and be the slide in the worst-hit areas in north China, it is almost full access to “5”, “as the northeast part of the farmers to carry the price rised,Pig price usher in countertrend rebound, difficult way should go up?Can we get what we want?Ideal is beautiful, reality is very skinny.After the holidays, after white pig demand shrinking market phenomenon of weak consumer spending, the arrival of the goods quantity increase, less meat more guest is the norm in most business super, pork stall is constantly, leftover, smashing line phenomenon in slaughtering enterprises ious slow shipment, prompting the slaughtering enterprises pig will reduce, on aquaculture gradually restore the live pig market, the market are accelerated pace,As it becomes easier for slaughterers to acquire pigs, the situation of “oversupply” in the market cannot be alleviated in the short term, slaughterers have resorted to “butcher knives” to lower pig prices. Now, in the absence of the boost from the consumer end, even if the pig prices in northeast China rebound, it is mostly short-lived, and there is still a great risk of price decline in the short term.In the tough market situation, each big listed most pigs are losing money, there are many pigs’ was revealed the news of capital chain rupture, quick on loss of hundreds of millions, expansion in previous really didn’t expect so miserably, but for some big pig enterprise financial thick, done early prevention and control, in times of crisis is still in development, reduce costs, to seek the new breakthrough,For medium and small farmers, in the face of the continuing losses of the industry, there is also a part of foresighted farmers will leave early, look at this year’s market before we decide to keep or not to have, a little sadly one most farmers in his teeth, but painfully insisted, pig, after all, so many years, raising pigs has become a living,Plus the investment of millions, really dare not take it lightly, wish this “winter” as soon as possible to end, looking forward to the pig price “spring” soon come.Though consumer support for market of live pigs, years ago, but because of the market “for the strong to the weak trend obviously, superposition farmers to speed up the market capacity, prices continue to slump, and years later consumption support is insufficient, market bearish sentiment is thicker, or for withdrawal of funds, market part of the pigs are pigs, pig supplies still performance enough, although have farmers resist low mood,However, it is difficult to change the overall downward trend of pig prices.In general, after the holiday, the consumption season is off, slaughterers’ slaughtering quantity is at a low level of the whole year, short term demand support is lacking, and some pig enterprises have sufficient market, it is expected that the short-term pig price will continue to decline.According to the pig price monitoring system, in the 26 provinces and cities monitored today, the pig price rose by 2, fell by 22, and fell by 2, accounting for 85% of all monitored areas. The pig market as a whole is in a “large area of decline” situation.(Source:Prices) system as a whole, pig, today compared with yesterday is improved to a certain extent, but poor improvement in strength, the current common farmers have rised, but restore such as group of pigs, pig market continue to rise, pig prices for poor performance, market price is lower than the ordinary farmers, throughout north and south, domestic market, tu qi pig purchasing difficulty is weak,Only the local farmers in northeast China took effect in price reduction, which intensified the difficulty of slaughterers’ harvesting. In most domestic markets, pigs were concentrated in the market and slaughterers reduced the number of pigs to harvest, which still showed significant price pressure. However, the decline of pig price will be narrowed when the losses are further aggravated.According to the wholesale price of white pig in big consumption cities of Beijing and Shanghai, the price of white pig in wholesale markets of Beijing and Shanghai is stable and rising, while the price of white pig in Beijing market remains stable, and the enthusiasm of market transaction is poor.The average transaction price in Shanghai market increased, the average transaction price in the market increased 0.60 yuan/kg, and the market transaction enthusiasm was poor. The arrival quantity of white pigs in the wholesale market still showed oversupply, many markets showed price without market, and there was a relatively obvious surplus phenomenon in the market, and the market price was obviously suppressed.According to difficulty of slaughtering enterprises procurement, slaughtering enterprises weakened prices fall, the other area of northern south slaughtering enterprises prices decline phenomenon continued to perform, slaughtering enterprises purchasing difficulty increases in north China, northeast slaughtering enterprises appear a certain rise phenomenon, southern region on slaughtering enterprises show some phenomenon, will influence the market price of chaos.Tomorrow’s pig price trend: combined with the recent two days of pig market factors, it is expected that tomorrow’s pig price still shows a “large area of decline” trend, but the overall decline has narrowed.The above pig market interpretation, for your reference, welcome to exchange views on the pig market, grasp the market dynamics, we will not only raise pigs, but also sell pigs, because pigs are apprentices, will sell pigs is the master.