Chairman MAO inspected the northeast, went to three provincial capitals and blew up three times

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On February 27, 1950, Chairman MAO and Premier Zhou concluded their visit to the Soviet Union and returned to the motherland.At that time, the way to the Soviet Union was to take a train from Harbin, Heilongjiang province. Therefore, Chairman MAO got off the train in Harbin when he returned to China and decided to inspect the industrial construction in Harbin.At that time, northeast China was the most important industrial base in China, especially with the most convenient contact with the Soviet Union, so chairman MAO and other leaders attached great importance to it. Chairman MAO’s inspection of northeast China, the first stop was in Harbin.For Chairman MAO’s arrival, local leaders at all levels also attach great importance to naturally, Harbin mayor Rao Bin specially prepared several sumptuous dinner tables to entertain Chairman MAO, Premier Zhou and others.However, chairman MAO looked very unhappy when he saw the sumptuous food. After eating only half a bowl of rice, he put down his chopsticks.Chairman MAO’s anger is also very simple, that is, this meal is too extravagant, if it was in the past, Chairman MAO would directly let people remove, into the ordinary meal, however, at that time Vietnam’s leader Ho Chi Minh was also present, Chairman MAO in front of the guests, not angry.After returning to his residence, Chairman MAO had Rao bin summoned and said to him, “We have just been founded and our living conditions are not rich yet. We should spend our money on production and construction instead of feasting and drinking too much.”Rao bin nodded his head and explained, “Our usual banquet is very simple, but this time it’s mainly because President Ho Chi Minh is here and we need to improve our reception standards.”Chairman MAO said, “Ho Chi Minh has a clear view of what is going on in our country, and he will understand. No matter who comes to our country in the future, we must be thrifty and avoid extravagance and waste.”After leaving Harbin, Chairman MAO’s second stop was Changchun, the capital of Jilin Province, but as soon as he got off the train, he felt something was wrong.What’s going on?In order to ensure Chairman MAO’s safety, local leaders had imposed a martial law on the railway station, barring all but essential staff and receptionists from entering.Moreover, chairman MAO walked in the streets of Changchun city, did not see a pedestrian, Chairman MAO looked more and more angry, asked the local leaders: “Where are the people?Why can’t I see anyone?”The local leader explained: “It’s just noon now and everyone has gone home to eat.”Chairman MAO was very angry and said: “Will there be no one at noon?I think it is you who are practicing martial law and kuomintang nonsense!We are public servants of the people. Why should we be afraid of the people?Don’t do something so lofty and detached from the masses!”The local leaders saw that Chairman MAO was really angry, and quickly had the curfew lifted and people were allowed to take to the streets.The next day, Chairman MAO left Changchun for his third stop, Shenyang, the capital of Liaoning Province.This time, Premier Zhou told Gao Gang, secretary of the Northeast Bureau, not to prepare a sumptuous banquet, but to eat in the canteen.But unexpectedly, Gao Gang only listened to half of the story. Indeed, he was eating in the cafeteria, but the standard of food was very high.Therefore, when Chairman MAO entered the canteen and saw another sumptuous meal, his face turned cold.In order to do the honor of the host, Gao Gang kept urging him to drink wine. Chairman MAO, due to ho Chi Minh’s presence, drank a little wine and began to smoke a cigarette without eating much.Premier Zhou knew that Chairman MAO was very unhappy, so he told Gao Gang to wrap it up early and they all had a meeting in the conference room.After everyone sat down in the conference room, Chairman MAO did not mention the content of the meeting, but first criticized Gao Gang, saying: “We are the public servants of the people, is to serve the people, not pay attention to their own food and drink, you see how much food wasted this time?If every leading cadre at every level did this, what would be the impact?Will the masses still support us?”The next day, after the inspection, Chairman MAO brought up the issue again at the meeting and said sternly, “En Lai and I passed through northeast China just to learn about the work there. The result made me very angry. Some of our leading cadres have forgotten that they are public servants of the people and want to become officials.”Chairman MAO glanced at everyone and then said: “I said in Harbin, do not eat too much, but to Shenyang a look, than Harbin!Comrades enlai and I are here to inspect our work, not to eat and drink. Why should we indulge in such extravagance and waste?”Finally, Chairman MAO said seriously: “You want to be Liu Zongmin, I don’t want to be Li Zicheng!”As a matter of fact, a year ago, when chairman MAO led the central organs into Peiping, he issued a special call to the whole Party and the army for “two musts” : “Let the comrades continue to be modest, prudent, and free from arrogance and impetuousness, and let them continue to maintain the style of arduous struggle.”Chairman MAO also specially to everyone mentioned the story of Li Zicheng, warned that we must learn the lessons of Li Zicheng, not into the city to forget this, to always remember the purpose and mission of the Communist party members!But let Chairman MAO did not think of is, just the past less than a year, some leading cadres began to pay attention to the enjoyment, pay attention to the ostentation, such as this trip to the northeast, let Chairman MAO fired three times.(Reference materials: MAO Zedong’s Temperament and Charm, Civilian MAO Zedong, The Annals of The State of China)