Why does the romantic novel Rebirth 80 make you want to be the first woman in the book

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Chapter 10 who hurt her Ma Qianqian at this time to realize the seriousness of the problem, in fact, she has the most critical didnt say, Cuihua may have miscarried.Or else…How did you get angry?Every doctor knows how important a woman’s uterus is, and judging by her sallow face and pulse, she won’t have a miscarriage for more than two months.”Emerald green flower, you don’t cry, have what matter to say with me is, this money, I don’t want.”Ma Qianqian sighed, feeling cui flower is not the kind of frivolous wench, and some silly, sometimes silly too strong, can let Ma Qianqian smile for several days.Besides, in this day and age, when it’s too late to be conservative, she certainly didn’t want to be: “Who killed you?”He Cuihua did not dare to cry loudly because she was afraid that her mother would suddenly come out to find them.”Wang qiang…That brute Wang Qiang…Meowed……”He Cuihua cried more fiercely: “You must not spread, you do not angry……I really didn’t want to.”‘Who are you talking about?Ma Qianqian’s nose all pouted up, she suddenly stood up, pacing back and forth in place: “You don’t know to hit him, take a knife to cut him…You……You can’t do this any more, you still stay at home and eat humble pie after all this has happened to you?””What can I do if I have to?The whole village must know!”Ma Qianqian looked at crying red eyes he Cuihua, she sighed, once Ma Qianqian is not the same timid enough?”Rice does not eat, you go with me to cheng Jiazhuang my master’s home, I will give you medicine.”Ma Qianqian think this is the main way to solve the current problem, she came out of the stall can not carry five storeys high medicine drawer.He opened his mouth wide and told his daughter that he would starve if he did not eat, and that he was running around.”MAO Qian’s technique is very good, an this is to take medicine with her.””Really?”Open a big mouth to see her daughter’s appearance strange like so one and the same thing, simply also ignore, cure the disease is the most important.Before leaving or told Ma Qianqian, do not call others know.On the way there, the atmosphere seemed calmer.He Cuihua didn’t know what she was struggling with. She walked half the way before she said, “MAO Qianer, you…Won’t you blame me?””What do I blame you for?Oh, yeah. What’s so weird about that?Oh?Xing Xu Cuihua is feel each other is Wang Qiang, feel owe her what.Ma Qianqian waved and said: “Wang Qiang that dog than raise is a beast, sooner or later I kill him.”He Cuihua covered her mouth and looked at her.She would swear and kill Wang Qiang. She had never said such cruel words before.”Look out your eyes.”Ma Qianqian also reacted: “before…I didn’t know anything before, but now I know better. Sometimes, I can’t get used to it. The more you regress, the more you feel bullied.””No, are the rumors true?”He Cuihua at the beginning is really don’t believe rumors, with their sisters grow up together, she is what temper she knows.How could you stab Wang Qiang and then cut off his uncle?From the looks of it, the rumor must be true.”Emerald green flower, do you feel I this all one’s life should plant in wang home hand?”Ma Qianqian this word, he Cuihua’s head shook like rattles.”Well, then, what are you thinking?”Yeah, what else is she thinking about?Can think carefully, or wrong is not?Still, that’s a pretty good result, isn’t it?Looking at the back of the first step forward, although she is wearing very simple, shoes are big several size son, but temperament is particularly good, the back can be really straight.And went to Chengjiazhuang, a dam, far away to see fruit trees sitting under the head of the individual.Ma Qianqian with when the thief, holding the medicine box in the fruit trees in the woods, silent lifeless came to the front: (warm tips: full text fiction can click at the end of the card read) “Master, did you eat?I’ll cook for you.””You took my needle bag?”Peng Huichun up and down look at this son, this is not obvious, medicine boxes are stolen.”Ang, I’m afraid to disturb your rest, I went to see a doctor!”Ma Qianqian said, looking at the master’s face, carefully put the medicine box on the square table in the hall.The appearance seemed to say — well, it was returned to its rightful owner.”Grandpa Peng!He Cuihua some surprise, this peng old man that is a famous good man.If his family was in poor condition, he treated people for free.Did not expect MAO Qian son really run here to learn technology.”Leon.”The old man replied with a smile, but his mind was different.MAO Qian even before interested in Chinese medicine, but, this Chinese medicine technology extensive and profound, is so good to master it?I’m afraid she’s gonna kill someone herself.We’ll have to teach her to be discreet.Ma Qianqian skilfully took rehmanniae from the medicine drawer, weighed a small copper scale, twelve grams of dosage.Ligusticum chuanxiong, Angelica, radix paeoniae herb, this heat-clearing and detoxifying honeysuckle, and dandelion also have to match, first cool blood, after blood tonic.Considering that cuihua is hot and humid, added coix and tuckahoe pieces, winter melon kernel.Ma Qianqian with four drugs, three drugs a course of treatment, almost also good.The last prescription was changed to nourish qi and blood, which consolidated the condition.As long as the blood is sufficient, the condition is difficult to relapse.”MAO Qian son, I see you have a mold, this medicine…Does it work?”He Cuihua asked hesitantly.”Good, but you also have to pay attention to, wash with water every day, pants have to change frequently.”When it comes to changing the top of pants frequently, He Cuihua is embarrassed and turns around to run with her head down and medicine in her hand.When Ma Qianqian found, he Cuihua put seven or eight dollars of change even wrapped outside the handkerchief on the table.She sighed and tried to run after him. He had already passed the orchard and the dam.She carefully saved all the money, every little makes a mica, the day will be better.In the evening, the two talked while eating.Now has entered the head fu middle, outside the head fruit tree on the cicada have no 1 call, with pulling the broken string of the erhu.Peng Huichun stressed several times, said she did not have experience, medication can not grasp, if the doctor died, this thing can make a big.Ma Qianqian has been nodding, saying that the next prescription are to ask him to open.Peng Huichun satisfied nodded, also forgave her tore a bed sheet thing.Until one day, Peng Huichun frightened, heel foot out of the chase, did not catch up, medicine, has been under the patient’s mouth.It was one day in late July, and after the wheat had been gathered, a good rain fell.The visibility of the rain was only a few meters away, and the sound was so deafening that one had to raise his voice to drown it out.Ma Qianqian according to the seasonal changes to master boil baiying soup and added a medicine to phlegm wet, afraid he will have phlegm.Of all days, no one came to the door, and now, in this pouring rain, someone came.This person is none other than Cheng Jingfeng, this time because his mother has a stomachache, connected to the whole back pain can not get up.Ma Qianqian complex look at the man, really want to say: “your mother has no rule of law, ready for the coffin.”But somehow, see the rain drenched Cheng Jingfeng, even red eyes to her knees.Ma Qianqian scared back two steps, eyes are full of horror.(Click on the card above to read the full text oh ↑) Thank you for reading, if you feel small series recommended books meet your taste, welcome to give us a comment message oh!Pay attention to the Girls’ Novel Research Institute, xiaobian for you continue to recommend wonderful novels!