New Year is the mood

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# This is the flavor of the New Year # Chinese New Year is to have a mood, the feeling is the most thick when happy.Spend more happiness, every family happy.New Year is the family, but the most sincere love.A happy New Year’s Eve dinner, wine and green happy.Family reunion, happy Chinese New Year every family circle, so in the heart look forward to the New Year.Off a year of wind and rain, usher in a happy smile.Looking forward to the Spring Festival home, mom prepared wine and tea.Voice greeting voice call, dad quietly wipe tears.That New Year’s Eve dinner, happy million people good wine rice incense earth kang heat, hishuanwenxiang villagers.Every family floating spring, see in the eyes warm heart.Prosperous China and Chinese New Year, merrily smile.Every family in a harmonious society is happy, and a happy life is sweeter than honey.Open the door to welcome the New Year, everyone smile remember childhood not rich, every family raise fat pigs.Chinese New Year always want to eat pork, the dream greedy always want to cry.Eating meat every day is normal, I can’t feel the flavor.Recall the past many regrets, I taste the vicissitudes of life in the year.Year after year over the New Year, the red light flashing smile now Light, chicken, duck and fish are not fresh.All say or once upon a time good, firecrackers together shake nine days.Love Chinese New Year flavor thick, Chinese New Year is the mood.Every family reunion dinner, immersed in boundless happiness.Find affection pictures from the network in the Flavor of the New Year