Linyi film limited time promotion, limited time special 18.12%

2022-04-23 0 By

This week’s latest car market, detective, Linyi Dahua FAW-Volkswagen shop 18.12% discount for car purchase, watching detective friends, the opportunity is rare, do not hesitate,Don’t miss the opportunity to get a good start promotion time from February 04, 2022 to February 04, 2022 Preferential terms local account, in-store insurance, in-store loans, in-store replacement explore the latest offer model manufacturer’s guide price/subsidy price discount range Linyi offer 1.5L automaticYue Zhilian version 140,900 yuan 210,900 yuan 119,900 yuan 1.5L Manual Is still zhilian version 115,900 yuan 210,900 yuan 94,900 yuan 1.5L automatic is still zhilian version 125,900 yuan 210,900 yuan 104,900 yuan 200TSI DSGDSG Pro Version 160,900 RMB 210,900 RMB 139,900 RMB 1.5L automatic R-line version 143,900 RMB 212,900 RMB 200TSI DSGDSG R-LINE smart Link version 146,900 yuan 280TSI DSG R-Line smart Link version 151,900 yuan 130,900 yuan 1.5L Automatic 30th anniversary version 140,300 yuan 210,100 yuan 113,300 yuan