I went downstairs to get my wife’s delivery, and it was all over the screen!

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On March 21, Yuhua District People’s Court of Changsha City, Hunan province, received a brocade flag sent to the brocade flag of Ms. Hu, a grateful face about her children rescued after she was still terrified: “at that time, the water has been submerged to his head, is not found him.”Speaking of emotion, tears were already moist in her eyes. The person she would like to thank is Zhong Mingqiang, a bailiff.On the evening of March 19th, Ms. Hu was busy doing business in her shop in Changsha Hongju Mediterranean community. Two children went to the artificial lake to play in the community. Their son fell into the lake accidentally because of some trivial things.”My son told me later that he had to cover his mouth and nose with one hand and paddle with the other for fear of choking,” said A woman surnamed Hu.But he is not yet five years old, and he is too weak to climb up by himself.”At that time, Zhong Mingqiang went downstairs to help his wife pick up the package and just stepped out of the unit door when he heard a cry for help: “Help, the child fell into the water!”Zhong Mingqiang immediately rushed to the artificial lake to see an old man was crying for help. The little girl was so anxious that she cried. A small shadow was struggling in the lake.Artificial lake was large and deep water has not the child’s head ming-qiang zhong immediately throw away the coat even had no time to take off the shoes leap into the lake swam to the figure of the struggling situation rapidly restore ming-qiang zhong forgetting her whole body wet quick brought him back to the shore immediately rescue drowning child after being on the abdomen “wow” big water pours to cry out loud scenario reduction small area public security, residents were called to the childRelatives rushed forward to hug the baby excited crying Zhong Mingqiang under the cover of the night quietly picked up the clothes home owners to look for people in the group, she found the rescuer Ms Hu to understand the situation at that time heart very grateful she wanted to quickly find the child’s rescuer with the help of warm-hearted neighbors hero found!The neighbors who knew the ins and outs of the matter also gave a thumbs-up to Zhong Mingqiang!Ming-qiang zhong is in changsha city yuhua district people’s court judicial police have been in the people’s liberation army navy in the south China sea fleet five years won the second class two veteran join made yuhua district 2009 gendarmes brigade his heroic rescue does not hold until the owner of the information “bombing” wife knew her husband had come home why take express shower soon carrying pennants ming-qiang zhong just some shyly said:”Anyone who saw that would have helped!”Zhong Mingqiang husband and wife life photos salute hidden in the life of every hero even if not wearing police uniform as long as you in our peace of mind forever source: Sanxiang Metropolis Daily (reporter Yang Yu, correspondent Li Dan), integrated every day positive energy (Zhnlali)