Epidemic prevention: Home and school co-education epidemic prevention knowledge into daily life

2022-04-23 0 By

Urumqi Evening News all media news (reporter Liu Wei Li Xiaoqing) the recent outbreak in many places in China.Schools are crowded places, and children are vulnerable to respiratory diseases. It is particularly important to strictly implement epidemic prevention measures.Let’s see what teachers, parents and children have to say about enforcing epidemic control and protecting school safety.Shen Chao, deputy principal of No. 133 Primary School, said: “Our school has fully prepared epidemic prevention materials and distributed sufficient hand gel and masks to all classes.Follow up of sick leave students, and require sick leave students to return to school with valid hospital certificates.The fight against the virus requires the efforts of every individual. Schools are spreading epidemic prevention knowledge to teachers, students and parents through campus broadcasts, themed class meetings, and parent meetings, so as to integrate epidemic prevention knowledge into daily life.Ma Xiaojing, health care doctor of no.3 Kindergarten, said: EVERY morning I greet the children outside the kindergarten, carefully measure the temperature of the children, check their hands and voice, to prevent children from entering the kindergarten with illness.At the same time, we added health classes every week, analyzing picture books such as “Bacteria are Not for Sharing” and “Sanmao Anti-Epidemic Record”, teaching children to protect themselves with scientific methods in a way that is easy to accept.Xiong Jijun, deputy director of general affairs department of No. 8 Middle School, said: “Teachers and students have lunch at school every day to guard against” diseases entering at the mouth “. We require the canteen to carry out strict disinfection of food (drink) sets, kitchenware and processing rooms every day, and establish disinfection ledger.Adopt staggered time and peak meals to minimize the number and density of teachers and students at the same time to avoid gathering.At the same time, the canteen staff carried out daily health monitoring, the epidemic prevention of every key, to provide a safe dining environment for teachers and students.Yang Jinze: In the kindergarten, the teacher gave us a number for the towel, and posted photos on the water cup storage case, so that we would not mix, very sanitary.At home, my father, mother and I also use their own bowls, chopsticks, towels, good habits with my healthy growth.Qin Shiqi, a sixth-grade student from 133rd Primary School: I am the school’s “expert in epidemic prevention”. Every day, I use allegri, children’s songs and other forms to publicize epidemic prevention knowledge on the campus radio station, and remind students to wear masks and wash their hands regularly.Now everyone can go out to work to do the hand wash, wash before eating, exercise at a safe distance.Tang Qiyu, a student from Class 3, Grade 2, No. 8 Middle School, said: We are all practitioners and propagandists of epidemic prevention, both in and out of school.I put two spare masks in my bag every day. On my way to school or school, if I saw someone’s mask was contaminated or the strap was broken, I would give them a replacement.Parents: home school produced, baby benefit city kindergarten parents ya-qin li: 30 kindergarten every week to carry out various forms of epidemic prevention theme campaign, children know epidemic prevention knowledge are many, as parents we are assured that also can well show in daily life, the whole family to urge each other, go out to do protection, develop good health habits.Hou Lili, a parent of the sun class of the 3rd kindergarten, said: although the baby is small, she knows a lot about epidemic prevention.Recently, my child has drawn several tabloids and paintings about epidemic prevention, including seven steps of washing, how to wear masks and eating with chopsticks, urging us to take preventive measures together.This makes us very happy, children’s good habits will benefit them for life.